What Our Popular House Plans Have in Common

Brock Built homes encompass everything needed for a growing family, busy professional, or someone who simply appreciates cool house designs. Our homes are commonly known for space, a modern feel, highly sought-after locations, and layouts. Buyers enjoy bustling communities and a beautiful house design that matches their lifestyle and future plans. Our most popular home styles incorporate everything mentioned and much more because we listen to what is desired and create cool house designs that match what is needed and even create new design favorites by adding in special touches. We like for the homes to represent the areas and buyers’ potential for growth, inside and outside of the gorgeous space.


Style and Layout 

A one-story or ranch home would be the easiest style house to build. They are also very customizable, and house plans are generally not hard to locate for these style homes. One layout that is often one of the most popular house styles for families is one with a bathroom for every two bedrooms. If you are an entertainer, your children have friends over quite often, or you host family that comes to town, a full or half-guest bathroom near the living area would be a popular house plan that is also efficient for your lifestyle. Homes with several floors should have a guest bathroom downstairs for ease and convenience and for the homeowner to keep company mainly in one area. 


Our Popular House Plans

Space for Everything 

The past few years have reminded most of us that homes with rooms that can be used for a variety of purposes are certainly part of the best house plans. It may be for an office, entertaining, or even a classroom, but being able to multitask and have a cool house design that encompasses all of that is key. Brock Built homes will always keep the focus on the comfort and easy living spaces for the buyers, with the best house plans for those with exquisite taste. 


Finding the Perfect Plans for Your House

When considering beautiful house designs and popular house styles, you should always ponder on what you need in your home for yourself and your family. You may want to start with jotting down necessities and things that may come in the near future, such as a new baby, aging, taking care of a parent, or working from home. You can then observe the homes in the area you want to live, what properties are currently available, and what Brock Built cool house designs tickle your fancy the most. Even the land can impact the best house plans for you because the sunlight direction, nature surrounding the area, and the view will play into the beautiful house design and house plan you decide on for your home. Popular house plans will guide you on your way to your ideal layout but be sure to also consider the builder’s style by reviewing as many current properties or future ones they share as you can. 


Our Popular House Plans

The Best Site for Home Design 

It can feel like an overwhelming job when it comes to finding sites for beautiful home design, plans, or the most popular house styles to merge with your ideas. Brock Built has put together all of the information regarding floor plans and design offerings based on the current communities to lessen the hassle and guide you to a beautiful house design with us. We love taking the worry and work out of your new home as much as possible. Head over to https://www.brockbuilt.com/locations/ today! Please check back often for new homes and more popular house styles with Brock Built. 

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