The Best Places to Live in Atlanta

best places to live in atlanta

In 2024, Atlanta is experiencing a surge in newcomers flocking to its vibrant streets and bustling neighborhoods. Recent data reveals a remarkable influx of individuals and families drawn to the city’s diverse culture, booming economy, and thriving job market. According to a recent report by the Atlanta Regional Commission, 66,730 people moved to the metro…

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Exploring 2024 Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends: Gray

The kitchen is a focal point of daily life, serving not only as a space for meal preparation but also as a hub for socializing and family gatherings. Personalizing the kitchen to suit individual preferences enhances both functionality and enjoyment, making cooking and entertaining more enjoyable. If you’re wondering how to make a house a…

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Most Common Design Trends for Homes in 2024

Welcome to the future of home design! As we step into 2024, the world of interior aesthetics is undergoing a captivating transformation, ushering in a myriad of innovative and stylish trends.  From cutting-edge combination to the revival of timeless design principles, this year promises a delightful fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Join us on a…

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Making a House a Home: Best Living Room Paint Colors

Best Living Room Paint Colors

There’s nowhere quite like home. It isn’t just a house; it isn’t just four walls and a roof. Your home is your place of peace, your ultimate sanctuary. Better Home & Gardens tells us that 2024’s top interior paint colors are all about reflecting this. Soothing earth tones, deep moody hues, and various shades of…

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Where Should I Live? 7 Important Factors to Consider

Can’t decide where to live? This post will help you learn how to choose where to live using the factors people use to determine their new home, like the 90/10 Rule for figuring out where to live. You’ve heard it before—location, location, location. The adage rings true to this day. Location is one of the…

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The First-Time Home Buyer Questions

First time home buyers

It’s normal to feel a bit lost when you decide to buy a house for the first time. There are many factors to consider, including choosing a real estate agent, financing, budget, and all the details and deal-breakers you’re looking for in your first home. You may also be worried about being a first-time homebuyer…

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Top 5 Reasons To Buy vs. Rent

Brock Built houses

Renting, especially in a challenging economy, is a popular way to move out on your own before you’re ready to purchase a home. However, renting isn’t always the most cost-effective housing option. There are plenty of benefits of buying vs. renting a home, some of which may surprise you. Recent studies show that homeownership in…

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Top Flooring Trends for 2024

Brock Built home interior

Floors are no longer anything but typical. Flooring trends are a hot topic these days, and for a good reason. Not only is it a large part of the home, but floors also easily add charm, style, and class to any room. The wrong flooring can make it harder to decorate or even live comfortably.…

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Making the Most of Your Open Concept Space

Open floor plan kitchen/ dining area in west highlands model home

Open concept floor plans are trending home styles full of possibility. The free-flowing floor plan provides an openness that supports entertaining, conversation, and togetherness. With an open concept living room, your guests can sit back and relax on the sofa while you put the finishing touches on the night’s meal–and no one will miss a…

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9 Questions to Ask When Viewing a House

When the time comes for a property viewing, the excitement is undoubtedly high. This could mean the closing table is getting closer. There is so much to consider, and there are questions to ask when looking at a house to ensure you are clear on what the home offers and what may be required of…

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