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Trade in your home and protect your equity with Knock and Brock Built

Trade Your Home, Protect Your Equity

When you read a headline about a modern way to trade in your home vs the traditional model of listing, selling, and buying – your first thought is likely, what is this going to cost me? The answer is there is a new approach that likely won’t cost you more than the traditional model. At […]

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Take a Summer Hike with Family & Friends!

Summer is a great time to enjoy an early morning or late afternoon hike with your family and friends. Watch out for too much activity during the peak hours of the day, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and don’t forget to wear some sunscreen. For our homeowners and residents in the Atlanta and […]

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buying a new home is better - Brock Built

Reasons Why Buying a New Home is Better

Homeownership is such a good thing in many ways, but should you buy a new home or a resale home that is currently owned by someone else? We believe buying a new home is better for most folks and we want to tell you know why. Today’s new homes have many more features and benefits […]

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Save “Some Green” – Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Brrr…it’s getting cold out there! Did you know that each year, as much as half the energy used in the average home goes into heating and cooling? The freezing temperatures of winter can add extra stress on your HVAC system, which often means more money coming out of your pocket for utility costs. Here are […]

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Kelly Stephens Finds Her “Home” at Brock Built

This past September, Brock Built was pleased to welcome a new team member and outstanding professional to its dynamic and successful team. As the Sales and Marketing Manager and Qualifying Broker, Kelly Stephens oversees all aspects of the company’s sales and marketing divisions, working to ensure that Brock Built continues to exceed the needs and […]

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