Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that the colder and gloomier days are ending, spring cleaning is a great way to refresh and let the sunshine in all areas of your life, including your home. If you have ever wondered how to spring clean your house in a day or how to spring clean well, we are here to help! 

What is Included in Spring Cleaning?

Your spring cleaning checklist can include large jobs and the smallest areas that just need to be tidier. It is a good idea to start with your goal of spring house cleaning. This means that spring house cleaning might be just about organizing in some seasons and years, and others may mean a deep cleaning and disposing of many things. Here are some categories you can use on your spring cleaning checklist to make your spring house cleaning smoother: donate, trash, storage, or put away. As you make your spring cleaning checklist and move into each room, you can create separate piles and label them accordingly. 

To spring clean in one day, grab all of your preferred cleaning supplies and decide on a start and end time. You will probably need paper towels, trash bags, window cleaner, carpet stain remover, wood floor cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, a bucket, and microfiber cloths. You want to have all of those things purchased and ready to go. Start from top to bottom in each room. You want to check filters, clean light fixtures, dust, change sheets, pillowcases, and vacuum or clean the floors. If anything needs to be soaked or washed, you can do that while you move to the next room as you focus on how to spring clean your house in a day. 

How do You Really Spring Clean?

It is good to stick to a plan to make your spring cleaning checklist and spring house cleaning successful. Map out what is needed room by room to avoid wasting time not using your time to spring clean effectively. Once you do that, grab the necessary supplies early, as mentioned, and yes, create that spring cleaning checklist and individual tasks. Then it will be done before you know it. A bonus is that everyone in your home will understand how to spring clean next year when it is time again. 

When Should Spring Cleaning be Done?

A good time to tackle spring house cleaning is over the weekend. If you set aside a weekend with no events, games, trips, or activities, it is easier to go through your spring cleaning checklist. Using the entire weekend means you can spread things out more and make sure you accomplish everything on your spring cleaning checklist. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

All Rooms:

  • Check filters
  • Check battery detectors
  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Clean the windows and counters
  • Disinfect doorknob
  • Wipe down blinds and vacuum curtains or windows treatments
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum floors
  • Clean baseboards