Meet Yvette: A Brock Built Interior Designer Interview

Yvette Richburg

Yvette Richburg is an essential part of Brock Built and a designer who displays her passion and love for what she does in everything she touches. She is such a special part of the team that we decided to let the world in on who she is as a person and what drives her passion with this interior designer interview. When she is not creating magnificent home displays, she enjoys time with her 12-year-old daughter, who is her world, and Harold, who is affectionately called her fur baby. 

Okay, now you can learn even more about Yvette and her life as an interior designer!


Brock Built: How long have you been working with Brock Built Homes?

Yvette: September 2022 will make 4 years of working with Brock Built. I started my career and life as an interior designer in new construction design in 2003 with a well-known production builder. 

Yvette: What is your favorite part about being a Design Studio Consultant?

The experience of meeting new people and the long-lasting connections with several of my buyers. That personal connection is a must in order for the buyer to gain your trust. I cherish the relationships that have been built. I use simple conversation, not interviewing or interrogation, to bond with the clients and understand their needs and desires. They have entrusted me to assist them with one of the most important investments they will make. I do not take that lightly. 

Brock Built: Tell me about what a Brock Built home buyer is going to experience when going into the Design Studio?

Yvette: They will get a safe, peaceful, fun-filled environment where I understand that this huge investment can come with plenty of anxiety. I work with the client to make sure they can personalize their new home and give them a sense of pride and excitement.

Brock Built: How do you best assist buyers with designing their new homes?

Yvette: I take the time to investigate their needs by asking questions as to how they will live in their home. I may ask them whether they entertain a lot. Another question would be, do they cook mostly, or is Door Dash/Uber Eats the chef of choice? I inquire if they have children or pets. These questions and other ones guide me on what areas of the home are going to be important for the buyer. For instance, those who entertain often and enjoy cooking spend plenty of time in the kitchen. This tells me they will also spend a good deal of time personalizing the space, from the countertop material to cabinet options. It will all play a role in the functionality of the space. 


Brock Built: What is it like designing different homes with so many people having different styles and personalities? 

Yvette: That is what makes my life as an interior designer new and interesting. If every appointment were the same, that would not be fun and invoke creativity, which is what this position is about and how I remain so passionate.

Brock Built: What are some of your favorite memories working with Brock Built buyers?

Yvette: There was this very exciting couple building a home in West Side Station. The entire meeting was filled with so much laughter and fun. I do not think I have ever laughed and joked for 3 hours while designing a home any other time. Right before closing, I received an email thanking me for my guidance and expertise. They were in love with how everything came together. Those are the moments I appreciate and cherish. 

Brock Built: How does a budget come into play with buyers and design?

Yvette: Understanding each buyer’s monetary limits help me to guide them in a meaningful direction because upgrades can be costly. Since Brock Built takes pride in providing quality selections even at our standard level, I show the buyer that they do not have to feel like there are limitations when it comes to the home they desire. 

Brock Built: How do you help buyers figure out where their money should be spent?

Yvette: I work to bring the focus to larger projects because many times buyers will not make the changes once they settle into the home. Flooring, which I call the fifth wall, can be a big objection to overcome because of the price. However, once I show buyers how the additional money spent will impact their monthly payments and future inconveniences after they are fully moved into their new home, it is easier to get past that objection. 


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