Quality and Conservation Top Priorities in GreenSmart Program

green Atlanta home builder Brock Built is known for building quality homes that look gorgeous and are located in the best communities. However, many of the best features of our new East Cobb homes are not visible, but they go a long way in showcasing the quality workmanship we build into every home. Our GreenSmart ® program provides assurances that all homes are constructed for energy efficiency, as well as style. From windows to washing machines, nearly every aspect of the homes has been optimized to conserve energy and save homeowners money. Many of the quality standards set by the GreenSmart ® program will never be seen by residents. Brock Built uses some of the best insulation on the market to prevent air from leaking from the home. When homes aren’t properly insulated the air leakage forces the heating and air conditioning system to work harder. The home is also wrapped and sealed to prevent the elements from invading and doing damage to the structure. A high standard is also set for all windows and doors installed in our new Atlanta homes. Openings around doors, door jambs and windows are all sealed with a spray foam, and tape and silicon are added around windows for additional protection. Windows also feature special glass that reflects heat to keep cooling costs down. The GreenSmart ® program works to make the inside of the home more energy efficient too. Bathrooms are tailored for conserving water. Toilets, showerheads and bathtub fixtures are adjusted to low-flow settings. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) are installed in at least 50% of the light fixtures. CFLs use less power but give off the same amount of light, saving hundreds of dollars a year over regular bulbs. East Cobb new homes feature ENERGY STAR appliances designed to provide quality services and conserve energy. High efficiency dishwashers use 30-40% less energy than their regular counterparts without sacrificing performance. Brock Built is proud of the high standards set by its GreenSmart ® program. For more information about the program or any of the new Atlanta homes available call 404-472-5707.

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