Build Your Eco-Friendly Dream Home with Brock Built

Save energy, save money… and help save the earth! You can do all three without even breaking a sweat by building your eco-friendly dream home with Brock Built. GreenSmart® is Brock Built’s company-wide program to build green homes from the ground up – and the best part? It means every Brock Built home is built to reduce the cost of living and protect the environment. So what’s in a GreenSmart home, and how does it help save money and the earth?

energy-efficient windows in a green home


Reducing your energy use starts with maximizing the energy you’re already using. In hot months, you want to keep air cool, and in the colder seasons, you want to seal heated air in. Windows, exterior doors, attic stairs, and knee walls in Brock Built homes are meticulously sealed to minimize loss of energy. Of course, the sun is a huge heat source. All of our windows are made from low emissivity glass, a coated glass product that reflects the sun’s heat and keeps everything cool. And, on top of every Brock Built home rests a roof made entirely out of radiant barrier roofing. This special material blocks 97% of the heat that would normally penetrate into the attic.

Plumbing and HVAC

A major component of the GreenSmart program is the plumbing. To conserve water, fixtures installed in Brock Built homes are set to help reduce GPM (gallon per minute) settings. Of course, every homeowner knows that heating and A/C use a huge amount of energy too, and so we install modern 14 SEER air conditioning units for efficiency. For heating, you’ll want nothing less than a high-efficiency gas furnace. And for temperature control, you can trust everything to a digital programmable thermostat – proven to help you manage your energy usage and save up to 20% on your utility bill. A kitchen with Energy Star appliances in a new eco-friendly home


Of course, the most conspicuous use of power in your home are your light bulbs. We install high efficiency bulbs in at least 50% of the fixtures in your new home. For each of those bulbs, you’re saving $40 in energy costs over the course of the bulb’s lifetime. Also, all appliances installed in Brock Built homes are Energy Star certified, with some being as much as 41% more energy and resource efficient than their standard counterparts.

Build a GreenSmart Home Today

All these features and more are standard in Brock Built homes thanks to our GreenSmart program. When you build a home with efficiency, value, and environmental protection in mind, you use less energy and resources for the same level of everyday comfort. At Brock, we wanted to build eco-friendly homes that would save money for our clients and have less of an impact on the world around them. Of course, you can see in every one of our designs that it doesn’t require a sacrifice in style. If you want to learn more about our GreenSmart program, or our homebuilding process in general, give us a call. Together, we can build a home that’s a dream for you, your wallet, and your world.

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