Top Flooring Trends for 2024

Floors are no longer anything but typical. Flooring trends are a hot topic these days, and for a good reason. Not only is it a large part of the home, but floors also easily add charm, style, and class to any room. The wrong flooring can make it harder to decorate or even live comfortably. New flooring ideas can be used at any point while in your home to revamp or create more comfort in a room or throughout your space. 


Brock Built home interior concept

2024 Style

Newer or remodeled homes often have a lighter, airier feel. That even includes modern wood floor styles such as bleached wood floors. They give a softer look to rooms and easily fit vibrant color schemes because of the flooring colors. They retain their beauty and are easy to maintain and clean, making them a flooring trend for 2024.

Another type of floor that makes the flooring trends list for this year is wood and stone look-alike floors. Homeowners and buyers are attracted to the recreated looks that are big on elegance and natural appeal. Some flooring trends include marble-like floors that take style to the next level and draw many homeowners to this new flooring idea of creating the wow factor from top to bottom, literally.

Color and cool tones also make the list of flooring trends in 2024. Green, blue, dark brown, ashy white, and gray add to an airy feel in the home and leave so much to the imagination because of the options in flooring colors. Gray is the most popular when it comes to flooring colors. It can be incorporated into the wood for both warm and cool tones in your flooring and added inspiration for furniture and decor.


Flooring Trends

Some homeowners are drawn to extra-wide planks for a neater look and less worry when it comes to cleaning, which makes it easy to understand why it is a flooring trend. Extra-long and extra-wide planks in flooring can usually mean fewer seams to worry about and more enjoyment of your modern wood floors. This may especially work if younger children move around on the floors quite often.

White oak works so well with glosses and other flooring colors that in 2024 it has been in demand even more. The ease of this flooring makes it one to consider when browsing new flooring ideas and modern wood floors. It might be the touch of beauty that you desire.

If you want to stay away from full carpeting but still want some of it here and there, carpet tiles or modular rugs give you some of that feel without all the flooring being covered. Another plus is that you can clean it easily and shampoo it as much as needed. Livability is always going to matter when it comes to flooring trends.

Past new flooring ideas would mean that you would see patterns on floors in the hallway or in the foyer of a home. The reason would be to add charm or a totally different look in the part of the house where people walked the most. The 2024 flooring trend means seeing patterns in areas where families or guests gather, like the living rooms and dining areas. Floors leave a lot of room to have fun and simply make a house a home that matches your style, needs, and taste.


And the Winner Is:


Brock Built home interior concept

Buyers prefer to purchase hardwood floors when adding or changing the flooring in a home. Hardwood floors remain the top flooring trend, and flooring buyers prefer because it simply stays in style. It represents modern wood floors while being classic, timeless, easy to upkeep, and a nice way to add value to a home. Those are just some reasons hardwood floors are included in flooring trends for 2024.

To Summarize: 

2024 Style

  • Lighter and airier feel in newer or remodeled homes.
  • Bleached wood floors for a softer look and compatibility with vibrant color schemes.
  • Wood and stone look-alike floors for elegance and natural appeal.
  • Use of marble-like floors to create a wow factor.
  • Color trends: green, blue, dark brown, ashy white, and gray.
  • Gray is the most popular flooring color, offering versatility for warm and cool tones.
  • A trend towards brighter and more open spaces in home design.

Flooring Trends:

  • Extra-wide planks for a neater look and easier cleaning.
  • Extra-long and extra-wide planks reduce seams and provide a seamless look.
  • White oak is in high demand due to its compatibility with various glosses and color schemes.
  • Carpet tiles and modular rugs offer flexibility and easy maintenance.
  • The importance of livability in flooring trends.
  • Patterns on floors are now seen in living rooms and dining areas for added charm and style.
  • Hardwood floors remain a top choice among buyers due to their timeless appeal, ease of maintenance, and value addition to homes.