The History of Atlanta

Atlanta is a bustling and beautiful city filled with a powerful impact that has continued since its inception. Atlanta, Georgia, is also home to people from around the world who may not know all about Atlanta’s city background. Atlanta, Georgia’s history incorporates the appreciation of what is happening currently through business impact, sports, entertainment, and education. Atlanta was originally called Terminus in 1837. The name Atlanta would come about from the Western and Atlantic railroad line. Atlantic was the foundation for the name of the city many people know and love now. Growth in transportation pushed the city to become a hub for commerce and finance. Race relations impacted Atlanta, Georgia’s history since before the Civil War, from education to political structure, while Atlanta also became known as a Black mecca in the 1970s. Atlanta is also affectionally called by the nickname of the ATL or A-Town. Some residents or locals that have been in Atlanta for 20-plus years refer to certain aspects of the city’s history, neighborhoods, and events as Old Atlanta. 

Atlanta city background and place in history will always heavily entail its impact on the Civil Rights Movement. A museum that is the birth home honoring world changer and history shaper Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. can be found in Atlanta, Georgia. Other major civil rights leaders, such as Ralph David Abernathy and John Wesley Dobbs, still have a presence around Atlanta as well. All three historical figures have roads, monuments, or buildings named after them. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum opened to celebrate those who greatly contributed to Atlanta’s rich legacy in 2014. 

Presently, Atlanta is the hub for major international and local events, large corporations, universities, and beautiful neighborhoods. Brock Built Homes continually builds distinctive, in-demand communities to add to Atlanta, Georgia’s history. Since the old Atlanta days or the beginning, the city’s population has grown by over 470,000. Atlanta is one of the most populated cities in the Southeast. Atlanta’s economy, cost of living, and overall appeal led to it becoming a big city. When it comes to Atlanta, there is a great mixture of southern charm and immense opportunities that draw residents and visitors daily. 

Atlanta is known and loved for hot summers, fairly mild winters, music, innovation, and community. Atlanta is the fifth city to become the capital of Georgia and the only city in North America to be destroyed by an act of war (the Civil War) by fire. The Capitol building in Atlanta has a dome layered with 43 ounces of gold. Atlanta, Georgia’s history is constantly shaped by being home to the busiest airport in the world and hosting the 1996 Olympics. Centennial Olympic Park is a staple in the city for locals and visitors worldwide. The Fox Theater was built in 1928 and continues to represent the culture and excellence of Atlanta. During the 60s, filled with harsh realities, especially in the south, Atlanta, Georgia, was deemed “the city too busy to hate.” Today with Atlanta welcoming people from all parts of the world, it is “the city not too busy to care.”

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