Atlanta: The Silicon Valley of the South

Atlanta, Georgia, is known as the hub for some of the nation’s favorite companies. Perhaps you love Chick-fil-A’s fried chicken, or you won’t buy a power tool anywhere but The Home Depot. The “Big Peach” is known for its southern hospitality and, in recent years, even its prime-time entertainment scene granting it the nickname the “Hollywood of the South.”

But have you heard of the booming Atlanta tech scene?! The Atlanta job market has been on the up and up for quite some time. However, with so many tech companies moving to Atlanta in recent years, it has grown in popularity as a southern tech industry hub.

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  1. A Look at the Atlanta Job Market
  2. Is Atlanta the Silicon Valley of the South?
  3. Is Atlanta good for startups?
  4. Is Atlanta good for entrepreneurs?
  5. Atlanta’s Housing Market

A Look at the Atlanta Job Market

The Atlanta job market is hot, and post-pandemic growth has made it even hotter. WalletHub ranked Atlanta in the top 15% of the best cities for jobs based on job opportunities, employment growth, average starting salary, job satisfaction, and job security.

As of November 2022, Georgia’s unemployment rate was just 3.0%, which is impressively lower than the nationwide average of 3.7%.

Some of the hottest careers in Georgia, which are ranked by fast job growth, above-average wages, and expected annual job openings, include many positions in the Atlanta tech scene, such as

  • camera operators, 
  • commercial & industrial designers,
  • film and video editors,
  • operations managers,
  • industrial engineers, and 
  • training and development specialists.

Other fast-growing industries in the Atlanta job market include health care, entertainment & production, business, financial, and construction.

There are incredible opportunities in a wide range of industries in the Atlanta job market, making it one of the best job markets nationwide and especially impressive in the southern United States.

Is Atlanta the Silicon Valley of the South?

Atlanta has always been a significant business hub in the southern United States. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport–one of the busiest airports in the world–makes it an accessible destination to travel to and from. 

The booming Atlanta tech scene has created a new nickname for Atlanta–the Silicon Valley of the South. In the last five years, there has been a 15% growth in tech jobs in Atlanta, which is comparable to the traditional Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, which has seen a 16% growth.

Big Tech Companies in Atlanta

A handful of the big tech companies in Atlanta, with either an Atlanta-based HQ or major regional office, include

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Mailchimp
  • Honeywell
  • Salesloft
  • Fiserv
  • NCR
  • PGi
  • Cricket Wireless

So why are tech companies moving to Atlanta? It has much to do with top tech talent. CBRE ranked Atlanta #8 on a list of cities for top tech talent–behind tech giants like San Francisco Bay and Seattle but ahead of major cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver. Georgia Tech, one of Atlanta’s prized universities, leads the country in the most technology graduates per year in the U.S. and its diverse population makes it an attractive place to find new talent.

The talent isn’t the only thing Atlanta has going for it. Companies moving to Atlanta are attracted to the city because of its relatively low cost of doing business, low cost of living, diverse population, and favorable weather. In fact, Atlanta has been named the #1 state for doing business for nine years in a row.

Is Atlanta good for startups and entrepreneurs?

In addition to the Atlanta tech scene, the Atlanta job market is attractive for startups and entrepreneurs in all industries, too. The city is home to many startup incubators and innovation accelerators, like Atlanta Tech Village, EO Atlanta, and HBCU center Propel. Atlanta is especially friendly for Black and minority-owned startups.

The Atlanta tech scene includes startups like Instacart, Kabbage, Calendly, and Bakkt.

Atlanta’s Housing Market

Many companies moving to Atlanta choose the Peach State because it’s a great place to live. From major attractions like the World of Coca-Cola to premiere sports like the World Series Champions, the Atlanta Braves, there are hundreds of activities happening in and out of the city daily. With mild winters and warm summers, Atlanta is a spectacular place to enjoy the great outdoors, and its diverse population make it one of the best foodie towns.

Living inside the Atlanta tech scene is easy, with many great housing developments near central business districts. For example, our BeltLine community, Ten29 West, is just minutes from Microsoft and Georgia Tech campuses. Other communities in Atlanta’s tech-focused West Midtown neighborhood include West Highlands and West Town.

Whether you’re looking for a modern townhome with city skyline views or a single family home with a yard and neighborhood swimming pool, Brock Built has a home design for you. Get in touch with our team to find a home near the office or your favorite neighborhood!

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