Important Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

So many things go into building a home; understandably, there are plenty of questions to ask a home builder. Brock Built not only understands your concerns, but we also have the answers for you. This blog will address common and imperative questions a homebuyer should ask their builder. We always want to make things easier for our customers and readers. Your needs and expectations matter; we are here to guide you on questions to ask a home builder. 

Compiling or reviewing questions to ask a builder for a new home before signing a contract is a good idea. Building a home can be time-consuming, and circumstances like the weather or construction-related issues may impact the build. It is highly advised to wait to make any major purchases and to consider your current residence and or where you will live during the period. Do as much planning for the unexpected as possible. 

Some questions to ask a new home builder are: 

How long have you been in the home building industry?

Brock Built started in 1984 and remains a premier build around Atlanta and now parts of Florida. 

What sets you apart from other personalized builders in the area or state?

Brock Built has earned a reputation as a top builder in Atlanta because of the quality of work, customer service, and building process for each client. 

Are there any Eco-friendly options available?

Each Brock Built home is constructed to save on the cost of living and protect the environment with our GreenSmart® company-wide program to build green homes from the ground up in our communities. 

What is a common concern customers bring up or have?

A typical topic is how long it will take to complete the home. As mentioned, some factors can impact home building, including supplies and weather. With Brock Built, around eleven months after you purchase your home, you can contact our office to set up a courtesy walk. The walk includes reviewing and correcting any warrantable issues you may have at the time. 

How long is the warranty on the personalized home?

Brock Built offers a one-year warranty on our homes. 

May I read feedback or testimonials from past clients?

Yes, you can find out about experiences with Brock Built here

Are there any incentives for building with you?

Be sure to ask about any deals or incentives for your personalized home. Brock Built offers bonus credits to your final closing costs for our communities. 

Prior to talking with anyone or composing questions to ask a home builder, you do want to be clear on your budget and the timeframe you are aiming to stay around, along with any wiggle room. These are two key things that you have to address before contacting a builder or creating questions to ask a builder for a new home. Do your research, communicate, and have your concerns, ideas, and questions ready. 

Brock Built Design Center has a showroom that offers you styles and selections to allow you to feel completely satisfied with your personalized-built home, plus answer any questions: