How to Prepare for a Design Center Appointment at Brock Built

Preparing for a design center appointment with Brock Built is an exciting time to gather your ideas and plans to make them a reality. This blog and tips will help you with what to include in your new construction design center checklist. Moving into your home can bring a whirlwind of emotions, so we are making it a little easier by guiding you on making the most of your new construction design center checklist.

How do I Prepare for a Home Design Appointment?
Take the time to organize any ideas, thoughts, and even concerns so that you can address anything that matters to you. Some suggestions are to create a Pinterest board, look at color schemes, save images, and capture visions for home décor that you may have. That will help elevate your design center visit, making your design meeting more personal and accomplishing what you seek. The design consultant will put together information from your floor plan to help you decide on a timeline for everything you want to do. Many of the Brock Built communities have pre-selected design packages. The New Home Design Center will offer cabinetry styles, colors, hardware, hardwood, tile, carpet flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, backsplash, countertops, lighting fixtures, fireplace stone, brick, carpet, and other materials.

Can you negotiate at the Brock Built Design Center?
You should bring your budget and plans to see where a good fit can be found. The good thing about a design center appointment is that you can look around, and new things may stand out more than what you initially wanted. That leaves room to get the design expert’s opinion and see what is best for you based on your new home design center checklist. The offerings can vary depending on the community and location.

How do I build a new home checklist?
You can build your new home checklist by considering your needs and any initial questions. As mentioned, you will know what comes standard in the home so that you can make the new construction design checklist from that point. Keep a budget in mind so that you can address immediate add-ons for your home and things you may do later. Also, compile a list of what you really want and what you would like to add. This enables you to have a clearer picture of everything. You can only schedule one appointment to make the selections, so prepare your new home design center checklist accordingly. The one appointment is due to the lengthy ordering process and installation process. If more upgrades are desired after closing, they would have to be done outside Brock Built. Remember, the design expert is here to make the new construction design center checklist work for you and to create your dream home with the perfect finishes.

Here’s a 15-point checklist to help you make the most of your new construction design center visit:

  1. Organize your ideas, thoughts, and concerns regarding your new home.
  2. Create a Pinterest board or save images to gather inspiration for home décor.
  3. Look at color schemes and consider your preferred aesthetic.
  4. Consider the cabinetry styles, colors, and hardware options available.
  5. Explore different flooring options such as hardwood, tile, and carpet.
  6. Research kitchen and bathroom fixtures that align with your preferences.
  7. Think about the backsplash and countertop materials you’d like.
  8. Consider the lighting fixtures that would complement your home.
  9. Explore fireplace stone and brick options if applicable.
  10. Take into account other materials that may be relevant to your design, such as carpet.
  11. Bring your budget to the design center appointment.
  12. Keep an open mind and be willing to consider new options that may stand out.
  13. Seek the opinion of the design expert based on your checklist and budget.
  14. Identify what comes standard in the home to determine what additions you may need.
  15. Compile a list of must-haves and desired additions to clarify your vision.

Remember, the design expert is there to assist you in creating your dream home with the perfect finishes.

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