How to Find a Home Builder

Finding the right home builder starts with identifying your budget, style, and type of home in the area you want to live. Your search may begin upon a recommendation from a friend, an online home search on Zillow, browsing social media pages, or perhaps you stumbled across a new home builder while driving through your dream neighborhood! During your search, what you should look for in a home builder is reliability, quality, and value. Narrow down your list by visiting the builders’ homes in person or through virtual tours to find out if the quality and experience match your expectations. Jump to our list of important questions to ask a potential home builder at the end of this blog post to help you decide which home builder is right for you. If you’re wondering how to find a home builder you can trust, you’ve landed on the right page. When it comes to building a house, the home builder you select to build the home is just as important as the floorplan and finishes you choose for the inside of the home. You want to find a reputable home builder who will get the job done to your satisfaction–and make it a fun and enjoyable process along the way! Keep reading to find out how to find a home builder you can rely on, what you should look for in a home builder, and how to select the right one in a sea of choices.

Prepare to Find a Home Builder

The first step towards finding a home builder is to identify what type of home you want to build, what design style you like, and which neighborhood amenities you can’t live without. What type of home makes the most sense for your day-to-day? Do you want a cozy townhome with low-maintenance living, or do you want a sprawling single family home with a large backyard? It’s easier to know how to find a home builder when you have narrowed down the type of home that works best for your lifestyle. You then want to decide on your home’s style: do you gravitate towards a sleek modern design or are you a fan of charming farmhouses? Perhaps you like craftsman exteriors or contemporary lines. Home builders tend to specialize in certain styles based on what they build best, and this will help narrow your list. If you’re unsure what your personal style is, tune into design shows on HGTV, flip through magazines such as Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, and browse Pinterest for inspiration! Finally, make a list of neighborhood amenities must-haves. Do you or your children enjoy playing sports? Are you all social butterflies? If so, search for a neighborhood with an active tennis team, sports courts, swimming pool, or a community clubhouse with an active social calendar. If a lush, serene environment that allows you to be one with nature is more your pace, look for amenities such as community gardens, walking paths, and nature trails. Don’t forget to take nearby dining, entertainment, and shopping into account. Proximity to leisure activities is a pro for many residents! It’s important to understand your budget as you prepare for your home builder search so that you can browse with a realistic goal in mind. Many home buyers choose to get pre-approved for a mortgage at this stage as this is a more formal way to identify their purchasing power.

Identifying Home Builders

Once you’ve defined what you’re looking for in a home, the next step is to create a list of home builders who fit your budget and aesthetic in the area that you want to build.

  • How to find a home builder online:
  • Browse real estate sites like Zillow or Redfin for New Construction in your area
  • Search Google for “home builder” + your style + location keywords
  • Browse Houzz for professional home builders in your area
  • Review the list of builders on your local home builders association’s website

How to find a home builder through personal recommendations:

  • Ask friends and family about their experiences
  • Ask for recommendations in local Facebook Groups
  • Ask your real estate agent who they have enjoyed working with
  • Ask your lender or mortgage broker who they have had a positive experience with

After you’ve created a list of all potential home builders, it’s time to narrow the selections down! Identifying what you should look for in a home builder comes next.  

Distinguishing Between Home Builders

We’ve talked about how to find a home builder, so now you’re ready to find out what you should look for in a home builder to help you narrow your list even further. You want to find a home builder who you can rely on to finish the job on time and on budget with a high-quality finished product that you’re happy with. This step in the search gives you the opportunity to get to know the different builders in your area to see which one is a fit for both your desired build and for your personality. One of the best ways to decide if a home builder is the right fit for you is to see the finished product in person! Schedule a tour of an unfinished home, a model home, and/or any resale open houses in completed neighborhoods. Not only will you be able to see the construction standards and quality, but you’ll also be able to see the surrounding neighborhood and amenities. We recommend taking a drive on the weekends to observe the neighborhood at a more active time. If they have a sales team onsite, stop by the Sales Center to get to know the staff. As representatives of the home builder, the sales team will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with the builder as a whole. They’ll also be able to explain the building process, neighborhood lifestyle, and give you a tour of available properties or model homes. If you’re unable to visit in person, browse the provided photos and virtual tours. Some home builders may offer to give you a live video walkthrough with a sales representative or your real estate agent. This will give you a deeper sense of the style, quality, and floorplans available to you. While many buyers are looking for specific styles and features in their home, what you should look for in a home builder is universal: reliability, trustworthiness, and value.

Contacting Home Builders

Once you’ve eliminated home builders that don’t fit your budget, your style, or quality standards, it’s time to contact home builders to get a sense of their process and personality.

Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Home Builder

  • How long have you been in business? How many homes have you built?
  • What makes you different from other builders?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is the current timeline for the build process?
  • Are you experiencing any delays in your build process? What typically causes a delay? What happens when a delay arises?
  • What does your home warranty cover?
  • What standard features are included? What upgrades can I choose?
  • Can I make changes before and during the building process?
  • When (and how) is the final price of the home determined? Are there any additional fees relating to the home or development?
  • Will I have access to the home during construction?
  • Do you have an inspection process at construction milestones? What does the final walk-through process look like?

You’ll discover a lot about a home builder from the initial conversations you have with their team such as standard response time, how knowledgeable they are, and what it’s like to work together. While you want to find the most reliable home builder, you also want to make sure the people you’ll be working with are pleasant, respectful, and the right fit for your personality. Now that you know how to find a home builder that’s right for you, it’s time to get out there and start your search! If you’re looking for a trustworthy home builder in the Atlanta area, your search is over–you’re here! Look at where Brock Built is building in metro Atlanta.