Happy New Year! The Secret to Keeping Your Resolution

Happy New Year! We know like most folks you plan to choose an annual resolution to work on, something to do different or better in the coming year, but will you see it through? A recent article about a study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that if you really want to stick to your New Year’s resolution – then you should keep it to yourself, as a secret. Don’t tell anyone or declare what it is. Instead, the best thing you can do is to write it down and hide it away. Also, make it in the form of a yes or no question that you can refer back to as needed during the year. Will you do it?

Why So Secret

The question-behavior effect is a phenomenon that occurs when people are asked about performing a certain behavior which then influences whether they think about it or do it more in the future. Keeping it secret and safe so that only you know about reportedly increases the effectiveness of influencing your future behavior regarding the resolution. The simple act of turning your resolution into a yes or no question can be a game-changing technique for people who want to influence their own or others’ behavior, said the study spanning 40 years of research. Overall, the researchers’ findings suggest that this type of question-behavior thinking is a relatively simple and effective technique to produce consistent changes across a large group of behaviors.

he Secret to Keeping Your Resolution

Choose Wisely

There are many common New Year’s resolutions that people make but generally don’t keep. Goals like eating healthier, exercising regularly, getting out of debt, saving (more) money, spending time with family, drinking less alcohol, quit smoking, volunteering for charity events, more travel to new places, and learning something new. Whatever resolution you choose for yourself this year we hope you stick to it. Will you? Remember to turn your choice into a Yes or No question format and write it down. Choose wisely and we hope you have a Healthy and Happy New Year in 2016.