Happy Easter Wishes Filled with Love, Life, and Joy

Happy Easter wishes and also Happy Spring! The grass is greening and the flowers are blooming. Easter is observed by many as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, many also recognize this early holiday more symbolically as the start of spring.

Shared Easter Memories

Many of us have fond memories of heading to church on Easter morning with our families. Moms in Easter hats and colorful dresses, Dads in Spring fabric suits, and plenty of kids in their new seasonal church clothes. Most of us recall sunny days hunting for pastel colored eggs after we were given an Easter basket brimming with sugary treats, that we couldn’t wait to start eating. happy-easter-wishes-images

The Joy of Spring

We can all look forward to enjoying the beautiful spring flowers and trees blooming all around us right now. If you haven’t already made Sunday plans, then here are a few things to do in Atlanta on Easter that you may consider festive and fun. Note: In observance of Easter Sunday, we will be closed for business. Make plans to come see us on Saturday or another day instead.

Beauty and Renewal

However you intend to celebrate and whatever your memories, Easter is a time of renewal and awakening as one of our favorite seasons, the Spring, spreads joy and new life to the world with its arrival. From all of us at Brock Built, we wish everyone and you a very Happy Easter Weekend!