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Find a new home in Atlanta near open green spaces [Robert Hainer] 123rf

Open Green Spaces Near New Atlanta Homes

There are plenty of ways to get outside for exercise, like walking, biking, and playing sports. And, that sounds much better than being in a stuffy gym on a bright spring day. Now of course, if you’re living in the right community, you could spend more of your exercise time soaking up the sun and […]

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[Tim Gouw ] © | CC0 Creative Commons - attribution not required

Take a Summer Hike with Family & Friends!

Summer is a great time to enjoy an early morning or late afternoon hike with your family and friends. Watch out for too much activity during the peak hours of the day, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and don’t forget to wear some sunscreen. For our homeowners and residents in the Atlanta and […]

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The Path Foundation- Atlanta Nature Trails

Within the thriving City of Atlanta lies an unexpected piece of serenity- the Path Foundation’s “Northwest Atlanta Paths.” Consisting of three separate paths, the exceptional trails navigate through several miles of Atlanta’s landscape. The Whetstone Creek Trail, beginning at Perry Boulevard, traverses 1.3 miles of beautiful terrain, goes through Brock Built’s Dupont Commons, and ends […]

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