New Year = New Home Design Trends

The new year is a great time to clean, reset, and, yes, redesign your beautiful home. With colder weather and people spending more time at home in general, you can make it as comfortable or as appealing as you would like. Here we will share some trends and ideas to make 2022 all about the things that bring you a little more happiness.

Tradition is Back

Traditional decor will no longer be a thing of the past in 2022. Simplistic dining tables, antique pieces, and materials such as real wood, marble, and mohair may pop up more in homes. That clean and organic feel many of us can recall from our younger days will make a welcomed comeback. The elegance and timeliness of these looks will also mean plenty of compliments. Mixing in eras and periods can also tell a captivating story in your home, with you possibly getting pieces from your parents or grandparents to start.

Color Too

Even if your den or bedroom furniture speaks to only one or two colors, bright and vibrant window treatments make the list for 2022. It is an easy way to change the room’s feel and bring in some joy too. Different colors are proven to bring on various feelings. Red adds passion, yellow means happiness and positivity, purple symbolizes luxury, brown is friendliness, and blue is peace and relaxation. Textures and patterns are also very welcomed this year. So, shop around and find your pop of color and style. New Home Design Trends

Safe Spaces

Design this year will also be about creating a space to relax and decompress. Work, world events, busy schedules, and life, in general, can mean that you need one area or room to breathe even in your home. It may be in your bedroom, office, or a corner nook. Of course, that is up to you. You can place personal items, quotes, candles, your favorite throw, and warm colors that evoke happy feelings. You may even add a bohemian or eclectic piece of furniture that makes you feel good when you see it. As the seasons change, you can use that space to bring in items that keep you feeling comfortable and maybe even reminiscent.

Children Get Offices

Give your children their own office or space and room for homework. Add in bright colors and happy messages to help them not feel like it is a daunting task. Drop them a positive note here or there to keep the room or space as something they see as good for them. You may also want to include a smartboard or small fridge for snacks. When your child goes to or returns home from college and needs a workspace, they will still have it! Happy New Year! We wish you happy moments, smiles, memories, and amazing home designs.

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