Home Decorating Tips from Design Experts

Did you know that over 70% of Americans planned to redecorate their home in 2021? Whether you’re decorating a new house for the first time or redecorating an old home for the last time, you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of decorating tips you’ve come across online, on TV, or in magazines. Though your house decor should be personal to reflect your unique taste and lifestyle, there are basic home decor ideas that our designers share with all of their clients and friends. It’s important to keep in mind that your house is just that–yours–and at the end of the day, you should follow the home decorating tips that speak to you!

Tip #1: Review the seven elements of interior design.

Understanding the fundamentals of excellent interior design is the first recommendation of all home decorating tips. Each of these principles works together in harmony to create stunning aesthetics, and you don’t have to be a professionally-trained designer to study and incorporate these standards! The seven elements of interior design include:

  • Space: the distance between and around furniture and objects and their proportions within a room
  • Line: horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines created by a room’s furnishings that draw attention to specific elements and create energy in the room’s atmosphere
  • Form: the shape of furniture, objects, and the room itself
  • Light: a mix of artificial and natural light that is used for both aesthetic and functional purposes
  • Color: the hues, shades, and accent colors used to bring personality and energy
  • Texture: physical feeling, appearance, and consistency of a surface that contributes to the depth and scale
  • Pattern: visual styles of fabrics, rugs, wallpaper, art, and decor items

All home decorating tips involve these elements in some capacity. Often the most attractive home decor ideas create a perfect balance of all seven principles. The perfect harmony is the reason it stops us in our tracks! Keeping these seven interior design elements in mind when selecting your furnishings and home decor will help define a more cohesive space and help you be more intentional with the pieces you choose. After all, decorating your home is a marathon, not a sprint!

Tip #2: Start with critical house decor in the most important rooms of the home.

You may need to fight the urge to jump into decorating your entire house at once, but be patient! Home design takes time, and you should focus on one area at a time. A few of the rooms include the entryway, the living room, and the primary bedroom. Make a great first impression with houseguests and even delivery drivers with an impressive foyer or entryway. Since this room is smaller than others, you can take advantage of the more elegant home decor ideas you’ve got your eye on without breaking the bank. A list of home decorating tips wouldn’t be complete without the recommendation to use an accent wall, mirrors, or eye-catching artwork in the entrance! Typically the most used common area of the house, the living room is an important room for relaxing after a long workday, hosting family and friends, and enjoying your free time. If you have an open concept floorplan, decorating the main space can be difficult without walls separating it from the kitchen and dining room. You can establish boundaries between spaces using strategically-placed furniture, rugs, and lighting. The living room fireplace is often the focal point of the room, so our best decorating tips include drawing attention to it with home decor ideas that feel welcoming, like decor with warm color palettes and rustic wood elements. You’ll (hopefully) spend at least 8 hours in the primary bedroom, so make sure it’s a comfortable, cozy retreat! Since this room is your ultimate sanctuary, it should be equal parts rest and relaxation. Use the ample space for slumber and add a nook for relaxation! This may look like a separate sitting room with a love seat for watching TV or a small, plush chair in a reading nook. Treat yourself to the “extra” home decor ideas in the room you go to escape.   Home Decorating Tips from Design Experts


Tip #3: Follow home decorating tips that speak to you.

The most popular home decor ideas may not fit your personality, and that’s okay! Search Pinterest, watch HGTV, and browse interior design magazines to find an interior design style you align with. You may even find a designer that you connect with deeply! Following decorating tips from those you admire will help turn your house into another extension of you. You’ll feel right at home when your house decor matches your personality and spirit!

Tip #4: Avoid common house decor mistakes. 

One of the most common house decor mistakes circles right back to the seven elements of interior design–scale! Interior designers always notice when a rug is not the right size for a room, and they’re often too small! For a living room, the rule of thumb is that the rug should be large enough that at least two chairs or sofa legs will fit on it. This will bring the furniture in the room together without creating unnecessary breaks between pieces. While we’re talking about size, another common mistake is to buy furniture and house decor before you’ve measured the room! This is especially critical when purchasing large pieces of furniture like dining room tables, beds, and sofas. One of our favorite decorating tips goes the extra mile: draw a to-scale floorplan diagram or use painter’s tape to map the piece on the floor to make sure the furniture will fit well within the room! This decorating tip is especially critical when purchasing large pieces of furniture like dining room tables, beds, and sofas. Lastly, don’t overdo it. While you want to be proud of your home, don’t incorporate too many trendy home decor ideas into your space. Stick to one main design style and don’t stray too far from the primary color palette. 

Tip #5: When all else fails, call in the house decor experts.

When it comes to decorating tips and choosing finishes, our Design Center experts know precisely what home decor ideas to recommend to our customers! Luckily, our homebuyers have the exclusive opportunity to visit the Design Center and meet with one of our Designers to personalize their homes. We build the professional decorating tips right into the homebuilding process! Brock Built also works with many local interior designers we can recommend for larger interior projects. Just ask our team to connect you with our favorite local designers!Now that you’ve got our best home decorating tips and home decor ideas, it’s time to gather up your inspiration boards and get to shopping. This is the most exciting part of making your house a home, and soon you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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