Find Your New Home Before the Holidays at Mangêt

Settle into your new home before the holidays this season at Mangêt. Located in Marietta, you’ll have easy access to various holiday celebrations across metro Atlanta. Among these are all the festivities within walking distance at Marietta Square. After celebrating the holidays throughout the city, bring everyone back to your gorgeous new home. The place for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas mornings. Now through November 18, 2018, we’re offering promotional pricing on the homes at Mangêt. Start your search for your new home before the holidays by taking a look at features of our available homes. The chef-inspired kitchens at Manget are perfect for holiday baking

Chef-Inspired Kitchens

Working in the kitchen is at its peak in most households during the holidays. Luckily for you, the homes in Mangêt feature stunning chef-inspired kitchens. With ample storage and counter space, you’ll have adequate room for whipping up your favorite family dishes. Here you can make all your spooky Halloween treats, delicious Thanksgiving dishes, and tasty holiday cookies. With built-in wine racks and wine coolers, you can also enjoy a nice drink with good friends as you relax after your holiday festivities. Warm up by a cozy fireplace in Manget this holiday season

Cozy Fireside Great Rooms

Your great room is undoubtedly one of the best rooms in your home for spending quality time as a family. As the weather begins to turn colder, there’s no better place to be during the holidays than by your fireplace. Gather as a family to share spooky ghost stories, make indoor s’mores, or watch your favorite holiday movies. From brick to stone and elegant moulding, each one of the homes in Mangêt has a great room with an inviting fireplace.

The spacious dining rooms in new homes at Managet are ideal for family gatherings

Spacious Dining Rooms

When it comes to the holidays, much of our time is spent together around the dining room table. It’s the place in your new home where you can sit down to enjoy a meal with family and close friends. Where you’ll share in conversations, laughter, and great food. Between Thanksgiving feasts and festive holiday meals, this room will be heavily utilized throughout the season. Each home in Mangêt offers a unique dining area ideal for creating these family memories that will last a lifetime.

Find Your New Home Before the Holidays at Mangêt

If you’ve been looking for a new home in Cobb County, there’s no better time to visit Mangêt. Contact our Onsite Sales Agent, Jacqueline Babcock, to schedule your tour stop by during our sales center hours. We’re ready to help you find your new home before the holidays so you can start making precious memories with your family and friends.

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