What You Should Know: New Construction Homes

Some of the Process 

Usually, building a home from start to finish is a great decision for buyers who have the time to wait to complete the home. Weather and other factors may delay or halt the original timeline, so please consider what could possibly occur. You will make the structural choices when you sign the contract for your home. When you schedule a design meeting with our staff, we encourage you to have all decision-makers present. We share design options to spark inspiration, along with letting you know what does not apply to your build.  At this point, you cannot make any structural changes to your home. Once your gorgeous new home is done, be sure to have it inspected. Yes, newly built properties need inspections. Contact a licensed professional before going to the closing table. 

Ask About Offers

It never hurts to check on any specials that can benefit you. For example, Brock Built is offering $7,500 towards closing costs for two new Midtown townhome communities right now. Inquiring about all that the builder is doing can be a great idea. 


Once you locate a reputable builder, here are some questions to consider or ask throughout the process:

Can you give me the names of other projects or communities you all built?

Who is the point of contact during the build?

If there are delays in the schedule, what will happen? 

The Extras 

You also want to carefully look over your contract and any HOA rules so you can budget for as many expenses as possible. No matter how long it is projected for your home to be finished, get all of the estimates on items and additions so you can plan well. Additionally, clarify what is standard with the house. That means what things down to light fixtures and toilet paper holders you will or will not have to add yourself.