What Thanksgiving Means to Brock Built – It’s Magical!

The national holiday of Thanksgiving means many wonderful things and is favored by most Americans as a day they reflect upon the previous 12 months and give thanks. It’s a definite part of our historically rooted, national heritage as a celebrated American tradition of gathering people, friends, and families together to enjoy a delicious meal and give thanks for the blessings we have in our lives. Remember when you were growing up and had Thanksgiving dinner at one of your grandparents or relatives’ house? These childhood holiday memories are part of the magic of Thanksgiving, simply because you can still remember them, to this day.

New Traditions, Memories Made

The Brock Built team believes in more than just building houses, we want each new home we build to be fondly remembered in the memories of your holiday guests for many years to come. We encourage all of our homeowners to start creating their own new traditions. We stand behind this belief not only with our business practices; but also with strong family traditions of our own for the holidays. “Thanksgiving makes me think about how thankful we are for family and friends, our time spent together plus good food, good cheer, and holiday spirit. At our house, we have a tradition of doing “Turkey Notes” – where you draw one guests’ name from a bowl and then leave them a brief note on their Thanksgiving plate, letting them know why you’re thankful for them.” – Evanne Brock

Thankful Builders Thoughts

We’re especially thankful every year on Thanksgiving when we think about our new homebuyers getting together to celebrate the seasonal holidays in their new homes. As we noted in a recent post, Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays are excellent chances to spend special moments with friends and family. This is one reason why the designs and layouts in our new homes include more open floor plans and gourmet inspired kitchens. They allow for more fluid and fun conversational opportunities, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, watching sports on television, or just hanging out.

Enjoy the Moments

When the upcoming day of Thanksgiving is all said and done, all the preparations, decorations, plans, and other notions you had won’t really matter. The important part is that you enjoy the moments as they happen while being thankful for the good food and time you have to spend with family and friends. At Brock Built, we know we’re building much more than award-winning houses with premier quality construction; we’re building new homes for folks and families to enjoy living and entertain in across the coming years. The special and magical setting where they will create their own new traditions and cherished holiday memories.