The Path Foundation- Atlanta Nature Trails

Within the thriving City of Atlanta lies an unexpected piece of serenity- the Path Foundation’s “Northwest Atlanta Paths.” Consisting of three separate paths, the exceptional trails navigate through several miles of Atlanta’s landscape. The Whetstone Creek Trail, beginning at Perry Boulevard, traverses 1.3 miles of beautiful terrain, goes through Brock Built’s Dupont Commons, and ends in the Whetstone Marsh. The trail conveniently passes by an outdoor classroom built for the nearby Bolton Academy and provides a boardwalk on the Whetstone Marsh for students to study the rich biology of the marsh. The RiverPark trail, beginning in the West Highlands development, ends at Johnson Road & the Northside Beltline Trail travels one mile from Ardmore Park to Tanyard Park. The Path Foundation has over 4,000 more feet of path planned and funded in anticipation of connecting the existing trails, meaning the path will cross the Inman rail yard- a major developmental feat. The enormous amount of recreation these paths provide within the city limits is remarkable.Path-covered-with-leafs766 For the past 22 years, Ed McBrayer has served as the Executive Director of the Path Foundation. He has coordinated the construction of over 180 miles of recreational paths, including the well-known Silver Comet Trail. These paths are funded through private donors, as well as through public recreational grants. What’s truly amazing about the Path Foundation is that they not only develop and construct these paths, but they also maintain them. Their maintenance is funded through an ingenious system that essentially provides perpetual funding for their annual upkeep. McBrayer notes that the path foundation has “enjoyed great partnerships with the Atlanta Housing Authority, the City of Atlanta, and Brock Built Homes.” Thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of McBrayer and the whole staff at the Path Foundation, generations of Atlanta residents will continue to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that Atlanta has to offer. To learn more about the Path Foundation, the location of trails, or to donate to their organization, please visit     To learn more about our available new homes in Atlanta please visit the Brock Built website.

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