Have a Thankful New Homeowners Thanksgiving!

Most of us have lots to be thankful for on Thanksgiving and that is especially true for new homeowners. We know that when it comes to most new homebuyers, there were several friends and family members that helped out along the way to them becoming new homeowners. So why not bring them all together and thank them at once by hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at your new home? Here are some helpful hints for hosting that special holiday meal in your new Brock Built home.

First Things First

Make a list of everyone you want to have over. Then call them as soon as possible. Holiday schedules fill up quickly. Confirm their availability and then send out an email to everyone that says yes with a note about what time to arrive. Some guests will arrive early while others will be a little late. That’s ok, choose a start time that works best for you.

Make Your Menu Plan

Think about what your guests would like to eat and don’t forget the family classics you’ve enjoyed for years. Keep it simple and uncomplicated for best results. You probably won’t need too many side dishes depending on how many folks confirm their attendance. Too much food means more work in the kitchen and way too many leftovers!  Focus on serving great dishes that everyone will love. Be prepared by planning ahead as most guests will likely offer to bring their favorite dish or dessert. Don’t be afraid to let them know what to bring instead. Now you’re ready to gather recipes and start shopping/ planning ahead. Don’t forget to pick up and put out a few holiday decorations.

Request Some Friendly Help

The Thanksgiving holiday is full of family and friends that are typically more than willing to help out. You may even want to ask one of them to be your co-host for the day. Note: Remember to buy your co-host a “thank you” gift. On Thanksgiving, it’s definitely the thought that counts.

Clean Up, Stay Organized

Make sure your new house is presentable and ready to entertain. Your new house shouldn’t get too dirty that quickly but go head and clean it thoroughly a week ahead of Thanksgiving. We predict you will be very busy the last few days with various details. Now you’ll only need to quickly tidy up before everyone arrives. Put out your holiday decorations if you haven’t already. Hint: Picking up some new cloth dinner napkins adds a nice touch for your guests to enjoy.

Early Prep and Pre-Cooking

Hopefully by now your menu is complete. Now see what you can prep or make ahead of time that will safely keep in your refrigerator. Safety first when it comes to food, but this head start can reduce cooking stress on the day itself, and help you and your guests enjoy the holiday that much more. Happy hosts are always preferred.

Stay Rested, Avoid Stresses

Don’t skimp on your rest leading up to one of the best holidays of the year. You’ll thank us later. When you’re tired or stressed, even some normal things can be overwhelming for some folks. Try to relax and know that you’re prepared because you planned ahead. Look forward to having your friends and loved ones over to your new home, as you begin your own new traditions as a new homeowner.

Smile! You’re Ready to Host

On Thanksgiving Day, do your best to personally welcome your guests as they arrive. Briefly give them a tour and tell them to make themselves comfortable. Let them know where the food and drinks are located. The men will likely be interested in whatever football game is on and the ladies will find ways to entertain themselves as well. You should continue hosting, coordinating the cooking, or sticking to whatever plan you and your co-host have worked out ahead of time. Now relax and ignore the clock because you will eat when everything is ready.

Thanks Around the Table

As everyone sits down to eat start by giving personal thanks to the folks who helped with the preparation of your delicious meal. Let your guests know how much you appreciated their help, big and small, as you became a new homeowner this year. Last but not least, be thankful to everyone for coming to help you celebrate your first Thanksgiving in your new home.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Every year we hope all the new Brock Built homeowners get to really enjoy hosting their first Thanksgiving dinner with the special folks in their lives. Let us know if you’re in the market for a new home in the Atlanta area, then see all the current new homes we have available for homebuyers. Next, contact us with questions or to schedule a viewing for the new home communities and neighborhoods you’d like to learn more in person. Happy Thanksgiving to All!