Park Pride Atlanta, Local Home Builder Share Approach

The 14th annual Park Pride Atlanta conference was held at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on March 23. Brock Built Homes proudly supports and sponsors this wonderful resource for Atlanta home builders focused on designing, developing, and building connections to neighborhood parks in their communities.

Shared Approach

The Park Pride Atlanta mission, vision, and philosophy statements are straightforward and easy to support, but that’s just the beginning of why we like them. We share their approach when they communicate how great neighborhood parks should reflect the character of the community and strive to meet its needs.

What Makes a Park Great

This was the question at the center of the 2015 Parks and Greenspace Conference by Park Pride Atlanta. “Great parks don’t happen by accident. Atlanta’s Woodruff Park illustrates an inspiring example of how iconic spaces have been brought back from the brink of despair and disuse by a group of committed community members, businesses, and initiatives. All over the world, languishing public spaces have been re-invented by strong community interventions, deliberate design and programming and strategic partnerships.”  “It is clear that there is a symbiotic relationship between a community and its park that creates either success or disaster. The theme of this year’s conference, “Parks and People: A Declaration of Interdependence,” explores the direct (and often complex) relationships between engaged communities and successful parks.” – Jan-2014-homepage-WHpark - park pride atlanta

Steady and Focused

As an Atlanta home builder of new home communities for 30 years and counting, Brock Built Homes has remained focused on including parks, open green spaces, and other eco-friendly features into each one of our neighborhoods. Dedicated and committed to not only being the top semi-custom home builder in Atlanta, but also in delivering great parks and spaces for homeowners to connect with and enjoy as they build traditions of their own for years to come. park pride atlanta-dupont-commons

Experience Our Park Pride

We invite everyone to come out and visit all the Brock Built neighborhood communities and see for yourself why buying a Brock Built home includes the Park Pride approach of creating a successful and symbiotic relationship between homeowners, parks, and the communities they share. Visit us online at or give us a call 404.472.5707.