Oakhurst Residents Enjoy the Benefits of Green Spaces

The benefits of green spaces and well-planned home communities are mutually beneficial to homeowners and their lifestyles in more ways than one. Take a few minutes to read more about the healthy benefits of green spaces for everyone and learn more about why our Oakhurst neighborhood in Woodstock GA is a great example of this.

Much Better to Have Them

Various researchers and studies have discovered that when people have access to more green spaces and natural settings they literally feel better. Their findings indicate how much people are drawn to green spaces and how many different benefits they can provide to local residents. We hope the list below inspires you to establish more green spaces around your community.

Benefits of Green Spaces:

Good landscaping increases community appeal

Parks and street trees have been found to be second only to education in residents’ perceived value of municipal services offered. Psychologist Rachel Kaplan found trees, well-landscaped grounds and places for taking walks to be among the most important factors considered when individuals chose a place to live.

Create safer communities

Studies conducted by the Human Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign indicate that “green spaces are gathering places that create close-knit communities and improve well-being—and in doing so, they increase safety.”

Overall Health

There is growing evidence that horticulture is important on a human level. Plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression.

Privacy and tranquility

Well-designed plantings offer privacy and tranquility by screening out busy street noises and reducing glare from headlights.

Mood enhancer

Gardening and yard work contribute to healthy, active living both physically and emotionally. Horticulture therapists have discovered that gardening provides a form of emotional expression and release, and it helps people connect with others.

Beneficial to children

Studying the effects of green space, a Cornell University researcher indicated “children who had the greatest gains in terms of ‘greenness’ between their old and new homes showed the greatest improvements in functioning.” Another published study shows that green spaces can boost attention resources in children, enable them to think more clearly, and cope more effectively with life’s stress.

Promote physical activity and exercise

The closer you are to a green space, the more likely you are to be physically active. Green spaces and trails promote more walking – the exact type of physical activity many folks need more of these days.

Air pollution reduction

Grass, trees, and plants of all kinds reduce air pollution so you can breathe easier when you live in an area with ample green space.

Green Space Builder in WoodstockBenefits of green spaces at Oakhurst in Woodstock

When we started building Oakhurst in Woodstock we did so with green space inclusion and tree conservation in mind. The community itself was named after the majestic oak trees visible throughout the neighborhood with one in particular, near the pool and clubhouse becoming the centerpiece. We intentionally preserved many of the oak trees as part of a conservation focus, within the community design. The green spaces available at Oakhurst were also incorporated into the design with residents in mind. There are picnic areas, a neighborhood playground, relaxing garden mews, walking trails, sidewalks, unique landscape plans, and plenty of community streetscape plantings all around.

Plan a Visit

Come see and experience the benefits of green spaces in the Oakhurst community for yourself. We know you and your family will love them and the new homes they surround. Connect with our onsite sales agents via the community page to learn more about the new homes available here. For all other inquiries about Brock Built and the rest of our new home communities in Atlanta, please contact us.