New City Park Coming to the Westside of Atlanta

There’s an amazing new city park coming to the Westside after many years of planning. If you haven’t heard about it yet and you live in one of our Intown communities on the Westside, then you are in for a treat. Historic Mims Park in Vine City will be a convenient, beautiful outdoor destination for our West Atlanta homeowners, nearby area residents, and a welcome addition to the City. The Westside of Atlanta is transforming from West Midtown to the West End. There is so much Atlanta history on the Westside and Mims Park is another great example. Watch this promotional video the National Monuments Foundation had created to gather interest and support for this project when it began in 2012.

Mims Park, West Atlanta History

In the late 19th century, Livingston Mims, Atlanta’s 37th mayor donated some land he owned to the city for a new public park initiative. Mims Park was originally designed by the family firm of the Olmstead Brothers. One of the brothers, Frederick Law Olmsted, was one of America’s most notable landscape architects. His personal credits include co-designing Central Park in New York City, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and Elm Park in Worcester, Mass. Over 100 years ago, the original Mims Park was located in Vine City, which was one of new Atlanta’s most diverse and desirable areas. The community and its surroundings had lots to offer residents and visitors. At the center of it all was the magnificent Mims Park park that featured Atlanta’s first integrated playground for all children to enjoy together.

Honoring Westside’s Legacy

For decades, Mims Park was a popular gathering spot for Atlantans and a great source of pride for residents in Vine City. This intown neighborhood was also home to the families of important leaders in the American Civil Rights movement including Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Reverend Ralph David Abernathy, former Senator Julian Bond and former Atlanta mayor, Maynard Jackson. As the city continued to expand, the park fell out of style and into disrepair. Then in the 50’s, the expanding needs of the neighborhood and the City required that part of the park’s land be used to build a new elementary school. When the school’s pending growth essentially overtook the park, it was basically lost to history. In 2012, the National Monuments Foundation, based in Atlanta, formed an agreement with the City to lease 16 acres of publicly owned land for the purpose of recreating Mims Park. In partnership with the Arthur Blank Family Foundation, the Atlanta City Council, and other partners a plan has been established for the development of a new version of Historic Mims Park. The goal of all involved is to provide beautiful recreational space and additional room for outdoor activities in the surrounding Westside communities. The park’s plan is to purposely recreate elements of the original design by Olmstead, while at the same time honoring the Vine City neighborhood’s legacy in the Civil Rights Movement.

New Homes  Available

The new Mims Park is scheduled to be completed by December 2017. Back in 2012, this area development probably seemed too far enough away for many folks who were looking for an Intown home to consider, but it won’t be long now. For a number of years now, the Westside of Atlanta has been booming and experiencing lots of residential and commercial growth from West Midtown to the West End. Brock Built has been building new craftsman-style homes and communities on the Westside for almost 20 years now, with plans to continue. We have several home communities that are actively selling right now, including the award-winning West Highlands, Vinings on the Chattahoochee, WestTown, and coming soon – Westside Station. Stop by any of these new home communities today and start your new traditions in a Brock Built home. Our team is ready to help you to find a new Atlanta home on the Westside.  

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