Maintenance Tips for Your New Home

You’ve moved in, all the boxes are unpacked, and you’re loving the first few months in your new Brock Built home. It feels beautiful, warm, and welcoming, and you want to keep it that way. Of course, our homeowner’s warranty will help with that for the first year. And, to help you maintain it for even longer, we’ve collected a few new home maintenance tips you can use. They will help you keep your home looking and feeling like new for years to come. One of the new home maintenance tips is to control dust, such as by cleaning ceiling fans regularly

Control Dust

Some of the easiest, yet most overlooked maintenance tasks have to do with keeping dust under control. On cleaning day, wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth to capture more dust. Don’t forget to clean off ceiling fan blades at least once a month. Change your home air filter on a 90-day cycle to prevent dust buildup in the ventilation system. Every few months it’s also a good idea to move furniture and get into hard-to-reach areas to deal with the dust buildup. The exterior of a home in Oakhurst

Clean Inside and Out

The exterior of your new home needs care, too. Be sure to clean the gutters yearly to prevent buildup or damage from debris. An exterior pressure washing will eliminate any mold and grime buildup and keep your curb appeal high. Dirt and other particles can collect on masonry, so cleaning concrete and low-to-the-ground parts of your home’s exterior will help keep it looking beautiful. Also, washing the inside and outside of your windows, on a regular basis, will help them sparkle and shine throughout the year.

Fire Hazard Prevention

Settling into a new home is the perfect time to develop good fire safety habits. According to Consumer Reports, it’s a good idea to clean the dryer vent every few months, depending on use. Smoke alarms should be tested once a month, and batteries replaced at least once a year. And if you own a fire extinguisher, check monthly that the canister is still full, the pressure is within its usable limits, and that the pin and any tamper seals are still intact.

Show Your New Home Some Love

A little new home maintenance goes a long way, and it doesn’t take much to keep your home feeling like new for a long time. Still searching for your beautiful new home in Atlanta? Not to worry, Brock Built has move-in ready homes available throughout the Atlanta area. Take a look at where we’re currently building. We think you’ll find there’s a Brock Built home waiting for you in one of our beautiful neighborhoods.