Interior Home Design & More From The Design Center Team

Staying on top of current interior home design trends isn’t always the easiest thing for new homebuyers to do as they become new homeowners. The process of buying a new home for your family will likely be filled with multiple decisions to make along the way. Our Design Center is dedicated and ready to help you select the colors, features, and finishes of your semi-custom new construction home or townhome. Recently, we sat down with our Design Center team to talk about some of the latest trends they are seeing as in demand from homebuyers. We also asked them what sets our design options and construction quality apart from other Atlanta new home builders.

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Trends We’re Seeing in Interior Home Design

The team shared with us several interior home design trends that buyers are asking for when they visit our Design Center. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • Gray and white color stories or themes showing throughout the house – from paint colors to tile selections, and flooring. Various shades of gray stained floors are quite popular lately. Despite what you may have heard from other sources this season or the last, gray is alive and well.


  • Many buyers are asking us for painted cabinets in the kitchen and more. This trend used to be closer to 50/50 but lately has moved closer to 80/20. More and more clients are requesting it and are willing to invest the added cost. The popular colors are various shades of white and gray, as mentioned above.


  • Open concept design remains an ongoing trend and topic of discussion. Most buyers continue to talk to us about keeping the flow of their home open. They want flexibility within family living spaces and entertaining. They want their space plan to be conducive to entertaining.

Better Design – How We Do Home Interiors

When you go to the neighborhood of other Atlanta builders, they are typically selling basic homes out of an upgraded model home. We have never done it that way because we think it confuses buyers and we don’t want that. They show you every fancy detail, but everything in that model house is not standard – you have to upgrade it and that adds up.

  • Our spec home has designer upgrades already in them and built into the price. We put the money into designing a spec home so that it can be shown as the sale price. Nobody wants to learn how the model home cabinets they liked so much actually cost $5000 more.


  • Our base standards are nicer than most by design. We have buyers tell us that they love our options. As interior designers, we focus on keeping what is best for the house in mind by thinking holistically about the design. We pay attention to detail and make sure we do not put a house out there we would not want to live in.


  • Our interior home design process is all about the designer-client relationship. We connect with our buyers on levels that other builders simply do not. We work closely with our clients to bring their home interior visions to life. Brock Built homebuyers get to make design decisions and changes that our competitors don’t allow. We believe this is the best way to deliver what they want. We can do this because we are not a high volume builder like they are, so we can spend more time with the buyer.

What Makes Brock Built Homes Stand Out

Buyers and home shoppers ask us all the time to tell them what makes our new homes stand out compared to so many others. Here are a few to consider before you make a homebuying decision:

  • We put more into in our walls and actual structure than most. For example, we have custom engineered-headers created for every home we build. While most builders just do this on site with potentially reduced quality control, our headers are constructed and delivered specifically to fit each home plan.


  • We install top quality, shop-built stairs in our semi-custom homes. They are sturdier, more reliable, and precision built with today’s modern safety standards in mind. As always, we build our homes to last and this includes the stairs.


  • We’re focused and dedicated to building energy-efficient homes. Almost 20 yrs ago, Steve Brock incorporated Earthcraft home standards into how we build our homes because he wanted to build better homes. Brock Built is respected as one of Atlanta’s top energy-efficient homebuilders. The environmental quality offered in our Greensmart home construction is focused on that fact that what’s behind the walls matters more, beyond the aesthetics.


  • One of the reasons many buyers come to us is our reputation in building superior homes for our clients. In our new townhomes at Westside Station, for example – We are doing steel beam cantilevers, which prospective homebuyers are amazed by when they learn that. We plan ahead and think through the structure of our homes well before they go up. We are not the home builder that slaps up homes in 30 days and moves on.


  • As one of the few remaining family-owned and operated Atlanta homebuilders, we absolutely care about the relationship we have with our customers. At our closings, we have a company representative present, instead of just sending the paperwork over by courier. We love handing new homeowner’s the keys to their new home.


We’re Here for You

Brock Built Homes is dedicated to the quality of design, construction, and service our homebuyers receive when they purchase one of our semi-custom or custom built homes. See all the current homes and communities we’re building in and around Atlanta. We want you to begin your new traditions, among family and friends, in a beautiful new home by Brock Built.