Halloween Decoration Ideas for New Homeowners

Halloween is almost here and one of the great things about being a homeowner is that you are able to decorate your home inside and out to celebrate this festive evening of frights during the fall harvest season.

Some More, Others Less

Now while some new homeowners already have the DIY Halloween bug from years of making crafty costumes, there are others that prefer decorating by assembling a seasonal assortment of festive pumpkins by their front door. The first group will likely turn their homes into a haunted house complete with a graveyard while the second group may want to add just a few more spooky details around to celebrate the 31st, like a trio of hand-carved Jack-o-lanterns. Either way we hope you have fun putting together your Halloween decoration ideas.

Scary and Spooky Stuff

Below are several “extra scary” suggestions we assembled to inspire your “spooktacular” home décor inside and out: Drape the living room furniture in white sheets for a ghostly feel. Hang creepy cobwebs and spider webs anywhere or everywhere. Use spookily-themed templates like bones, bats, and black crows. Turn the front or backyard into a graveyard. Create a bunch of frightening front porch ghosts. Scare up some cuteness with these mini pumpkin ideas. Floating candles create an eerie glow wherever you want it. Last but not least, don’t forget the trees could have eyes.

Have Fun, Be Safe, Come See Us

We definitely enjoy seeing new homes in our neighborhoods decorated throughout the seasons. Of course, we want everyone to have fun but remember to be safe while you’re out there trick or treating on Halloween. We also hope when you are planning to purchase your new Atlanta home that you will come and see the wonderful new home communities we have available. Start your own traditions in a new Brock Built home today! www.brockbuilt.com