Go Green and Save Big with a New Brock Built Home


Brock Built New Homes

The leaves may be changing to vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red, but smart home buyers are thinking green this fall! Not only are Brock Built’s craftsman-style new homes charming, but they’re built with energy in mind, offering metro Atlanta home buyers savings in utility costs year after year. Brock Built knows that today’s buyer isn’t just thinking about location and style, but is also looking for environmentally friendly ways to build smart with a home that is truly made to last.

Green home building is not a new initiative for the Atlanta-based builder. In fact, Brock Built is considered a pioneer in eco-friendly building, participating in the acclaimed EarthCraft program as early as the 2000s before more recently developing a program of its own. It is this commitment to conservation and environmental cognizance that sets the builder apart from so many others. “We spend an enormous amount of time educating ourselves on the latest in building science so we can make thoughtful decisions about the products that we deliver to our customers,” said Kevin Guerrero, vice president of operations. “One example is that we use a high density blown insulation in the exterior walls of our homes. This upgraded insulation application is standard for Brock Built and provides our customers with a higher R-value, lower utility bills, and effective sound control.” Some features of the GreenSmart® program include:

  • House wrap—a protective material that prevents air and water infiltration of your home. House wrap seals your home while still allowing it to “breathe” to avoid a buildup of condensation, lowering energy costs.
  • Brock Built protects against leaking doors and windows by using a spray foam sealant on all openings between windows, door assemblies, jambs, and framing. Tape and silicon are also applied for further protection.
  • Energy efficient lighting and ENERGY STAR appliances are used in Brock Built homes and save big bucks. For example, ENERGY STAR dishwashers alone are estimated as being 41 percent more efficient than a 2007 Federal standard dishwasher, saving as average of $120 over the lifetime of the product.
  • Plumbing fixtures that conserve water. Brock Built sets a maximum gallon per minute, or GPM, on lavatories, shower, tub and toilet fixtures, with each operating under low-flow settings.

In addition saving money in new GreenSmart® homes, Brock Built homeowners can also look forward to the unique natural amenities in many of its new home communities, including neighborhood gardens and courtyards. Its unique mews also add additional green space and create a warm, inviting atmosphere, with houses facing each other and a pedestrian walkway in between. For more information about the GreenSmart® program or the new homes in metro Atlanta, visit the Brock Built website today or call 404-472-5707.