Every Day is Earth Day in GreenSmart® Homes by Brock Built

Happy Earth Day to All! Did you know that every day is Earth Day for Brock Built homeowners? That’s because all of our semi-custom, new homes are constructed using the GreenSmart® program. Around the world today, there are many celebrations and events happening to bring attention to conservation and the environment. Of course, every day is a great opportunity for everyone to begin doing more things to make a difference.

We’re In This TogetherGreenSmart homes make sure every day is earth day

It is up to all of us to think about how we live and interact with the environment around us every day. After all, we’re in this together. At Brock Built Homes, we made a very conscious decision years ago to build our new homes in a more environmentally friendly way. By utilizing more energy efficient materials, techniques and technology, our GreenSmart® program for new home construction, reduces the carbon footprint and energy consumption of the semi-custom homes we build for our homeowners. We are proud to be leaders in the Atlanta market in this area, but there is still more that can be done.

Beautiful and SustainableEvery Day is Earth in GreenSmart Homes by Brock Built

All of our GreenSmart® homes are beautiful and also sustainable. They are designed and built to meet superior guidelines to effectively assist you in saving energy and reducing your home’s utility bills. Including TechShield radiant barrier, House wrap insulation, Low-E windows, Blown insulation used for thermal and sound control, higher efficiency HVAC systems with programmable thermostats, Energy Star appliances, High-efficiency lighting, and water conservation focused plumbing fixtures, We complete the process with quality and functionality testing for all Brock Built homes.

Become a GreenSmart® Homeowner

The GreenSmart® program increases homeowner comforts and makes our homes more environmentally friendly. Brock Built homes provide optimal energy performance with reduced consumption and the added benefit of helping to preserve the environment. Whether you are a new home buyer or an existing homeowner we encourage you to see the new GreenSmart® homes we currently have available. We’ve even got some Spring Bonus incentives in bloom if you’re ready to move now. Speak to one of our community agents for details. You can make sure that every day is Earth Day in a new Brock Built home. Together we can all make a difference.