Creating a Touchdown Media Room

It’s officially football season, and no matter who you’re rooting for, you need somewhere to watch. Space to entertain is a big consideration when you’re searching for a new home, and it can be tough to pin down what you need. How can you tell your new media room will be a touchdown? We’ve collected a few tips on how you can ensure each game day is comfortable and fun. A media room in Westside Station

Big TVs Like Big Walls

For starters, of course, you need wall space for that nice big tv. If you’re setting up a fully decked-out media room, though, you’ll need it for movies, music, and games too. You’ll want space for speakers, consoles, and media players. Get the measurements of your TV, entertainment center, and any shelves you want for your media room, and bring those numbers to your next tour. You’ll get a good idea of how everything will fit in your new space. Seating in a West Highlands media room

Have a Seat (or Three)

Big watch parties or off-season gatherings call for ample seating. Consider how to pack as much seating as you can into your new media room when needed. Sectionals are a good way to get a lot of sitting area with a single piece of furniture. Of course, everyone loves a comfortable recliner of their own. And theater-style seating with one set of seats in front of another is a classic media room setup. A Brock Built media room

Choosing the Perfect Room

The room you pick in your home is an important part of the media room experience. If you want easy access to the kitchen and all the delicious game-day snacks, a room on the main floor is your best bet. Do you want a bathroom connected to the room directly, or separate but nearby? And how easy is it for guests to get to the room? Will they have to walk upstairs or take a turn in a hallway? Consider all of this during your home search.

A Media Room for the Perfect Game Day

Consider these tips as you’re searching for your new media room, and you’ll set up the perfect space. In a Brock Built home, it’s easy to host a crowd-pleasing game day. Our floor plans have the room and style to set your new home apart. Take a look at where we build and find your perfect neighborhood – then contact us for a tour and envision the life+style you can create in your new Brock Built home.