Most Common Design Trends for Homes in 2022

These days, homes are now schools, permeant offices, and a place to retreat a little longer from all that the last few years have brought the world. Therefore, style and design are about livability just as much as beautiful new home decor. Yes, you can have both. We will walk you through some ideas on how to be comfortable and love the space inside your home by sharing these interior design trends and home trends. 

What are the Latest Design Trends?

Beautiful Traditions

2022 will bring new and innovative home designs from the exterior to the interior, but traditional colors and styles are still here to stay. Antique piece patterns not following any rules and even skirted furniture are interior design trends you can look out for or incorporate. 



Indoor plants not only add a relaxing feel to a room, but they are also good for your health. They freshen the air and typically make you feel more at peace with nature without going outside. They can even serve as a way to teach your children how to follow a schedule or care for something daily or weekly. Go green or colorful. Either way, consider adding plants to your new home decor. This is also a less expensive way to bring life to a room and match paintings, furniture, or floors. Textured plans such as ferns are a plus for home trends. 


Even though families may leave home more this year than in past years, finding materials that are good for the earth and for anyone visiting the home is becoming even more important. A home decor trend that will continue to be a staple will be materials and appliances that help the ecosystem thrive. 


What are the New Colors in Home Decor?

When describing interior design trends and color, the word is bold and shades that incorporate nature and even past decades. Green, blue, and purple will be a staple in home trends for the rest of this year. Using multiple shades of the same strong or warm color can shake up a rather drab space and allow personality to shine through the new home decor. 


Productive Spaces

Having an office that feels cozy and allows for productivity is an ongoing home trend, and now homework rooms are a welcomed addition to the interior design trends. Bright walls, natural light, an interactive smart board, affirmations, and even a small fridge, can make homework seem way less daunting and give the child or children an opportunity to showcase their version of design home trends. Speaking of office and schoolwork, the home decor trend of having an office space where you can work out or a bedroom with a couch for reading or work has become more popular. Gone are the days of homes with too much room. The new home decor idea is to make the most of all that you have. 


How do You Update Home Decor with New Styles?

Lighting, painting, new cabinetry, changing the floors, or even switching out bedding and window treatments are good ways to add interior design trends or update a space. Pictures, candles, candleholders, and light fixtures will also add to the new home decor plan you may have in mind. 


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