Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners | Spring Suggestions

April showers bring May flowers. As the saying goes, when April arrives we know spring is typically visible all around with new flowers blooming and trees budding. As the fun of Spring heats up, we wanted to take a few moments to remind you of a few seasonal cleaning tips for new homeowners. We believe that everyone generally wants to live in a clean house, but at the same time, we understand that not everyone enjoys cleaning up. The good news for all new Brock Built homeowners is your new home probably doesn’t need much too much cleaning. Even better news is that there are things everyone can do to make their spring cleaning tasks easier and less stressful. Additionally, we hope these suggestions help you speed up the process so you can get back to enjoying the beauty of spring.

[geralt] © pixabay.comPlan Ahead

One challenge many of us face lately is simply finding openings in our busy schedules, but if you can plan ahead you’ll be able to keep your new home consistently clean. One way to do this is to clean certain parts of your home on specific days. If you can delegate certain tasks to family members then cleaning becomes a group effort, but if you’re cleaning alone, then tackling 1-2 room per day might be more realistic. Avoid cramming everything into a single weekend if you can. Take some time to plan ahead in a way that you feel necessary to make your spring cleaning easier.

Designate and Declutter

Before you start your seasonal home cleaning, remember to be mindful of eliminating clutter in each room as you clean. Keep a few labeled containers or boxes handy as you declutter and tidy up and per room. Start designating your clutter into 3 separate categories – one for garage sale type items, another for charitable donations, and last but not least a garbage bag for items that should be labeled as trash. Next, organize and put away the things you plan to keep because less is always more when it comes to clutter.

[fancycrave1] © pixabay.comLike Clockwork

Set a timer for various cleaning tasks to learn how long they actually take will make managing and doing them in the future more efficient. Plus you’re more likely to stay focused and be more productive as you clean. Soon you’ll know that it only takes you 10-15 minutes each to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and more. Using the clock could help you start cleaning more often and in less time than you actually thought it would take.

Don’t Forget Gravity

One of the best things to do when cleaning is to always use gravity to help you. When you’re dusting around your house always work top to bottom. Start out with harder to reach places such as ceiling fans, wall hangings, light fixtures, tops of doors and wall trim. Next, continue working your way down to the countertops and furniture. When you get to the floors, you’ll be able to make one clean sweep to get everything that found its way down. Try dusting with fabric softener sheets instead of higher priced dust cloths.

Clouds for Windows

Remember to time your interior and exterior window cleanings on cloudy or overcast days. These work best because bright sunshine days tend to dry glass too fast, leaving streaks behind on your clean windows. Use a microfiber cloth when you can and instead of an off-the-shelf window cleaner consider the best homemade window cleaner recipe.

Steam That Microwave

Did you know you can steam away food stains inside your microwave? Before you spend too much time scrubbing the microwave down, try this handy tip we enjoy. Combine 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 2 cups of water in a bowl that’s microwave-safe. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scent and then heat for five minutes.

Fresh, Clean New Homes

As Atlanta’s fresh springtime weather continues to showcase the beauty of our metropolitan landscape, it won’t be long before the heat of summer arrives for all. If you’re in the market to make a fresh, clean start in a brand new home this spring or summer, now is a great time to check out our beautifully constructed homes. See the current homebuying opportunities available Intown and also in some of metro Atlanta’s best neighborhoods and areas. You’ll discover a variety of well-designed floor plans, features, and amenities to ensure you have everything that you and your family want.