Things To Do In Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Picture this: a cozy, laidback beach town with bayside and beachfront activities. Plenty of restaurants for a new meal every night. Activities for rainy days, sunny days, and the days in between. You’ll get all this and more in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida! While we could talk about new homes in Florida all day long,…

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Beautiful Florida Panhandle Springs Worth Visiting

Ginne Springs Florida

The Florida Panhandle and its Beautiful Springs Some top picks for springs in Northwest Florida are Vortex, Ponce de Leon, Jackson Blue, Pitt and Sylvan Springs, Williford, Morrison, and Wakulla.  The Top 8 Springs in the Florida Panhandle  Vortex: A visit to Vortex Spring promises a safe and exceptional diving experience, making it an ideal…

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Pros and Cons of Living in the Florida Panhandle

View of Florida panhandle beach

The most well-known pros and cons of living in the Florida Panhandle are the weather. While sunny days are best enjoyed at the beach, the opposite of this major pro is the threat of hurricanes. However, many aspects of living in the Florida Panhandle don’t involve the weather! What is the Florida Panhandle? Often simply…

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The 10 Best Destin Shopping Centers & Stores

Best Destin Shopping Centers brock built

Destin is a beautiful destination with stunning scenery. From the beaches to the areas full of nature’s gifts, visitors and residents have plenty of options for the day, weekend, or a permanent stay. When you want to move from the water and experience Destin shopping and enjoy the city, there are wonderful and unique shopping…

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Rainy Day Activities in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Florida

According to TripAdvisor, Panama City Beach is one of the country’s top 25 best beaches to visit. The popularity of this Panhandle destination has turned it into a destination filled with fun things to do, whether the sun is shining or raindrops are falling. And, given Florida’s weather, there is often a slight chance of…

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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Destin

Sea Food Restaurants in Destin

The Florida Gulf Coast is synonymous with seafood. From shrimp to mahi mahi and everything in between, it’s no surprise this seaside destination offers a variety of fish dishes at many seafood restaurants along the coast. But if shrimp or mahi mahi aren’t your thing, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. If you want…

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5 Airports Near the Florida Panhandle

Airports Near the Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle has so much to offer, including wonderful beaches and beautiful Brock Built communities. Traveling to Florida for business, planning a move, enjoying a vacation, or spending time with loved ones is easier with 5 airports nearby. Your trip to Florida just got a little better and more exciting with our easy-to-follow breakdown…

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Best Places to Live in the Florida Panhandle

Best Places to live in the Florida Panhandle

You may have heard of the Florida Panhandle as one of the best vacation destinations. It has beautiful beaches, friendly people, a laidback environment, and many activities. So, why stop at a vacation? Let’s make the Florida Panhandle your home! The beach towns and cities along the Gulf Coast are some of the best places…

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The Tax Benefits of Investing In Florida Real Estate

Florida City View

Real estate purchases have long been considered a “smart money move” for investors playing the long game. The most popular way to earn a high return on investment in your real estate purchase is through appreciation or the growth in property value over time. However, many don’t realize how lucrative real estate investments can be…

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