Back to School for Norcross, New Vineyard Homes Available

Back to school for Norcross students, including those in Adams Vineyard, that are attending Gwinnett county schools head back on Monday, August 8th. The first day of school for students and parents is always a big day and especially for those starting a new school. Make plans now to stay organized and keep your student on track.

Vacation Ends, School Begins

Summer is finally over and as the new school year is set to begin, but we don’t want you to feel bad for the kids since most of their teachers started back in July. Here’s a link to a great Gwinnett County student calendar we found that parents can also use to plan ahead and keep their work schedules coordinated. Also, here’s the complete 2016-17 school calendar for Gwinnett County Schools.

New Schools, New Surroundings

Students transferring to a new school after a summer move, those moving up to middle school, or beginning high school are sure to be a little nervous and excited at the same time. Remember at the start of every school year and every new situation most kids and teenagers need lots of encouragement and time to adjust. They will soon settle into their daily routine and do your best to keep them on schedule. Just like starting a new school getting settled into a new home can also take time. Enjoy the feeling of fresh and new. If you’re a new homebuyer in Adams Vineyard of Norcross, we encourage you to spend time walking the community and seeing all of the beautiful green spaces we purposely designed into this gorgeous neighborhood.

Lovely Norcross Homes Available

If you’re looking for a new place to call home in the charming area of Historic Norcross then you have to see all the lovely, semi-custom, new construction, homes we currently have available. In case you didn’t know, Gwinnett County has some of metro Atlanta’s top rated schools and you won’t believe how attractive and convenient this vineyard community is for residents and students. Make plans soon to tour these new homes in Norcross and we’re confident you will understand why everyone is so pleased and excited to be living here among the vines of Adams Vineyard.