A Tour of Amenities in Brock Built Communities

At Brock Built, we pride ourselves on the uniqueness and quality of the amenities we offer to our homeowners. We take time to design amenities you’ll want to use, that create a sense of community, and that will really wow visitors to your Brock Built home. We wanted to show off some of the more unique amenities in Brock Built communities, so you can see the range of activities available to our homeowners right in their own communities. If any of these communities interest you, find them on our map and start your journey to a Brock Built future! Pools are often among the amenities in Brock Built communities

Open-Air Clubhouse and Pool – Westside Station

The pool is a classic amenity, but the one at Westside Station comes with a few twists. First, it’s right next to an awesome and stylish open-air clubhouse. With seating, tables, and TVs, it’s a great place to cool off without getting splashed. Also poolside is the iconic water tower feature – an interesting sign and community landmark. Also connected to the community is the PATH Foundation Whetstone Creek trail, perfect for a walk or bike ride. the vines in Adams Vineyard

Community Garden – Adams Vineyard

Adams Vineyard is a serene community of gorgeous homes built on – you guessed it – a historic vineyard. Right across one of the walking paths is the community garden. This fun, interesting amenity is a fantastic place to meet with your neighbors and grow a little bit of your own food. This neighborhood was also built with conservation in mind, so there is plenty of old-growth greenery surrounding walking paths and sitting areas. The mews at Oakhurst

Community Mews – Oakhurst

No, not like the sound a cat makes. The mews at Oakhurst surround our garden style homes lined with community walking paths lined and beautifully manicured landscaping. Enjoy a nice afternoon stroll and then relax on your porch and chat until evening. The mews are a peaceful amenity sure to impress visitors of this appealing Woodstock community.  

Even More Amenities in Brock Built Communities

These are just a few of the notable amenities in Brock Built communities. To find more amenities, and to see homes available in Brock Built neighborhoods have a look at our map. We want life for our homeowners to be fun and interesting. So that’s why we design beautiful homes in amazing locations with great amenities. Come find out how Brock Built fits your life+style.  

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